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Offer to your customers something totally different, new, creative. A journey of artistic and aesthetic designs with a high cultural content.

Unique collections, reflected in quality products. Made with noble materials and printed in the most modern techniques. We invite you to discover a different world, pleasing to senses and soul.

Famous Landmarks​

Famous Landmarks

Retractable Umbrella

42-inch retractable umbrella. Color sublimation printing. Made of polyester, automatic opening arch, plastic handle, 8 ribs and steel shaft. The umbrella cover is also printed in full color.

Plastic Placemats

Aesthetic and cultural product that invites diners to enjoy beautiful oil paintings of famous landmarks in Europe and at the same time identify the names and location of those sites. Some very famous and others not so much.


The poster of famous landamarks, fulfills two functions at the same time. Decorate and teach. Specially designed to be able to be printed in large format, it can be used on large-surface walls. special to decorate schools, offices, academies, etc.

Architectural Collections

Golden Magnets

Cathedrals, Clock Towers, Old Castles, Old Gates, Rivers & Canals and Statues  

Unique collection of flat magnets, an assortment architectural concept. Is full color printed on lined paper. Each image framed in golden Foil and each set of magnets contains 6 different units. The set is packaged in a custom-made cellophane bag with a printed cardboard cover ready to be hung.

Wall Clocks

Statues,Monumenst & Squares

Exclusive wall clock made of glass with silent mechanism. Excellent choice for decorating narrow walls, hallways and columns. The watch comes packed in a cardboard box and wrapped in a shrink and a transparent PVC lid.

Mugs Collections

Old Castles, Cathedrals, Water, Street View and Famous Sites

Collection of gift boxes with splendid presence at the point of sale. Offering the consumer various options in the same product display space. Abundance of concepts and images, helps the clients identify the one they like the most, either by the theme, the aesthetics or by focusing on who is the recipient of the product in case they want to buy it as a gift.

Cities Collections


Unique collection of placemats, an assortment of famous European cities. Printed on high quality paper and specially thought for a possible reuse of the product, thanks to the fact that it can be framed and used as a painting after use. Or as a simple and symbolic gift to the dinner guests.

Canvas Paintings Ready to Hang

Oil Paintings, HD printed on Cotton Canvas fabric, framed at the top and bottom with Beechwood strips, ready to hang. The user doesn’t have to send the picture out to be framed. Simply take it out of its package and hang it. Excellent choice for decoration of narrow walls, hallways, and columns.

Product Sample

Stands & Displays


Impressive collection of the most famous cities in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. More than 30 cities, with printed applications of oil paintings of the most famous and representative sites of each of them.

Geniuses Collections

Wooden-Cork Coasters

Let your customers choose their own collection of coasters, and as many as they want. A complete collection of 16 history geniuses from 4 different disciplines (Inventors, Musicians, Philosophers and Physicists) presented in a display box with cells. Boxes to sets available for consumers who want it.

Postal Magnets

Unique collection of Postal size flat magnets, A complete collection of 16 history geniuses from 4 different disciplines (Inventors, Musicians, Philosophers and Physicists). Full color printed on lined paper.


PU Exclusive Notebooks

Fluffy hardcover notebook with faux leather cover, digitally printed. External seam finish. Contains 90 lined sheets, printed on cream paper. Each notebook is packaged in a custom-made transparent cellophane envelope.


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